Bloom and Burr specialises in making custom resin tables and accessories for your home or business.

We take a different approach to furniture, combining traditional materials and craftsmanship with the advantages offered by modern technology and methods. From laser-cutting for the ultimate in precision, to hand-varnishing a beautiful hardwood to bring out the grain, this blend of old and new achieves the highest level of quality and precision whilst enhancing the natural beauty of the organic materials we work with.

Sustainability is a top priority for us. We are committed to sustainable practices, such as mindful sourcing of the right materials, recycling efforts, reducing our carbon footprint, and offsetting our impact by planting trees.

We’re a small, family business and we don’t bite, so get in touch! No hard sell, no inflated prices and no jargon. Everyone is welcome and we love talking creative vision with anyone – no matter what.

Pick up the phone anytime to start the journey and lets find out if we’re the right fit to work together – and if we’re not, don’t worry! No hard feelings and we’ll probably know someone who is.

Olivia from bloom and burr

Olivia douglass bailey

Bloom (all things flowers)

Olivia brings a softer touch to the workshop, with a keen eye for interior styling and design, she works with beautiful flowers to enhance the natural character of our pieces.

Not afraid to get her hands dirty, Olivia will be often be seen around the workshop with a power tool in hand, cutting, shaping and sanding wood slabs for her projects.

Aaron from bloom and burr

Aaron douglass bailey

Burr (all things wood)

Aaron just loves wood. (Way too much) and is most often found in deep contemplation over the latest offcut – to keep or to throw…

Finding peace and purpose in the art of enriching shape, colour and grain in the wood we use, Aaron’s mission is to simply bring out the beauty that mother nature has spent so long creating.

Aaron from bloom and burr